All you need is three chords and the truth. But if the truth is that you're tired of those same three chords (or the first position and barre chords you keep recycling in your songs), here comes a revelation: Killer Chords for Guitar is designed to help songwriters become better guitar players and better writers on and for their instrument. 

Chord voicings, tensions and extensions, chord substitutions, voice-leading, harmony/melody theory, arranging and accompanying, right-hand picking and strumming techniques, riff-writing, modes and modal progressions, developing compelling chord progressions, and more... make this the killer guitar for songwriting class we've been dying to offer our community, on-campus and online.

Taught by Bill LaFleur, lead transcriber for Hal Leonard Publishing, lead arranger for NBC's The Voice, and creator and instructor of our great class The Beatles Code: A Composition Masterclass (available online this Spring/Summer and in-person again Fall 2017), become a more confident, interesting player, and a more invested, inventive writer on the instrument.

Am I the right level player for this class? 

This class is for intermediate to experienced players. You should be able to change chords in time and form barre chords (or have completed our Guitar for Songwriters, Level 2). If content moves above your level at times in class, there will be handouts and course videos to review each week after class. This is a hands-on class, guitars in hand. 

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