Paul Zollo Interviews Terre Roche of The Roche Sisters

We were honored to host the witty and candid Terre Roche for Episode 5 of Songwriters on Songwriting: Interviews by Paul Zollo. She reveals with humor and candor what it's like to be a "hitless songwriter," what it was like to get a ride with Paul Simon while taking a songwriting class from him, and why she only wrote one (beautiful) song on the piano--and then performs that song! A night to be remembered can be because you can watch it, here! 

Paul Zollo writes of our guest:
"Terre Roche is an internationally-acclaimed singer-songwriter, most famous for making music with her sisters Maggie and Suzzy as The Roches, with whom she’s made many amazing albums. She has also done great solo work, including her beautiful new album 
Imprint and the great collaboration with Sidiki Conde and Marlon Cherry, Afro-Jersey. Famously beloved as a great harmony vocalist, she has contributed to music by Paul Simon (“Was A Sunny Day”), Robert Fripp (“Exposure”) and Phillip Glass (Songs of Liquid Days). She’s also a beloved teacher, and author of the recent critically-acclaimed memoir Blabbermouth."