YOUR VOICE IS YOUR SUPERPOWER, with Vocal Performance Coach Joy Graysen

vocal performance workshop at The Songwriting School - your voice is your superpowerWatch vocal performance coach Joy Graysen in the archive of this Free Zoom Workshop at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles to get connected to your vocal Superpowers, let go of fear, and start becoming the amazing performer you were meant to be.

Joy Graysen is a 27-year veteran vocal and mindset coach who can show you how to tap into the truth and power of your own voice and make it your secret weapon.

As Joy notes, "No more excuses, no more disclaimers, no more believing your voice isn’t 'good enough' to represent your original songs or your interpretation of cover songs. Your voice is your spiritual fingerprint, and it’s time you made friends with that fact. Your superpower is your truth, and your truth is buried deep within the exact vibration of YOUR voice. Let’s learn to celebrate it once and for all!"

In this workshop you will learn:
1. The key principles to overcoming debilitating performance anxiety
2. How to stop worrying about what the audience is thinking (so you can stop sabotaging your performance.)
3. How to relax and focus your attention and have an intimate, personal conversation with the audience.
4. How to create deep connection with the audience.
5. How to trust your technique even if you’re not a trained singer.
6. How to be authentically “you” on stage
7. How to trust your voice to speak your deepest truth.