VOCAL TECHNIQUE, LEVEL 1 - Watch this Free Voice Lesson; Join Level 1 Winter Section for 3/11; Level 2 Begins 4/22

Watch Class 1 of VOCAL TECHNIQUE, LEVEL 1 with Ingrid Schnell and begin to build, rebuild, or fine-tune your unique vocal instrument.

Learn to raise, trust, and love your own voice! Join us for this 6 week small-group vocal technique class with vocal coach, singer, and songwriter Ingrid Schnell and learn all about your vocal instrument and how to play it. In this interactive 6-week small group class, we will vocalize and sing! We will learn about breathing, support, registers, keeping your instrument healthy, and how you can shape your instrument to get the colors/tone you are looking for. We will also go over applying technique in songs and how it can help singers when there is an area that causes vocal issues. Class will involve individual work and group singing each week so that you can grow your skill and confidence while you learn with, from, alongside, and in harmony with fellow singers.

When: Level 1 meets Wednesday nights; join for 3/11, 8pm (3 meetings remain) for a pro-rated tuition (please call 818-848-7664)

Level 2 meets Wednesday nights and starts 4/22, 8pm (6 wks).