Watch class 1 below. Still space to enroll for class 2 either in-person, online, or as a hybrid. Class is 8 meetings total and includes a night in the professional recording studio and a final showcase-style performance night. 



The Performing Songwriter: From Coffee Shops to Major Festivals, from Studio Files to the Radio Waves will consist of an advanced songwriting and career curriculum aimed specifically at the performing singer-songwriter. Our examination of the craft will come in the service of refining your unique style with regard to the functionality of melodies, harmony & arranging, the power of a hit chorus, the importance of production and how it best captures the song. We will take an in depth look at touring, branding, promotion and more through the presentation of original music. In this hands-on course, students will learn not only how to write a powerful, stylized composition, but how to arrange it into a complete body of work, create albums and promote shows as well.  Throughout the 8 meetings and leading up to the final performance, students will be challenged and inspired to break through their musical barriers to develop their talents as songwriters, storytellers, and touring artists.

Instructor Nikhil Korula had an inspiring past two years: he co-wrote the lead single to the Grammy Winning Reggae Album of the Year for Ziggy Marley, and as a self-booked artist his band played two of the nation's biggest festivals: Arroyo Seco in the Rose Bowl and Summerfest. He brings his considerable expertise as writer, performer, booker, promoter, and DIY master to a class designed to help you build a career as a performing singer/songwriter.