THE COUNTRY SONGWRITING MANUAL, with Hit Nashville Writer Rick Beresford

Rick Beresford is a #1 Country Writer and BMI Song Award Winner. In this Zoom conversation at The Songwriting School with The Roots songwriting class instructor Rob Seals, Rick shares just some of the Country Songwriting Manual--10 principles and the three qualities we apply to each which make for effective songwriting.

The Songwriting School is proud to welcome Rick from Nashville to teach an 8-wk fully interactive class over Zoom this Fall: The Country Songwriting Manual, Volume I, Sunday afternoons 1-3pm PST starting 10/4. 

Volume I will be all about the craft, with weekly interactive lessons, song analysis, QnA, song assignments, and feedback opportunities, both privately and in the group. In Volume II we go deeper into the craft and introduce the business of professional Nashville writing. Class visits will include publishers and song pluggers, with other hit writer special guests likely.

Watch the full conversation here, including Rick's analysis of his own student Jon Nite's current #1 "I Hope" for Gabby Barrett, featuring Charlie Puth. Or scroll down to learn more about the class or enroll and get to Nashville from your device.


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