PLACING SONGS IN TV, COMMERCIALS, & FILM - Award Winning Music Supervisor Laura Webb

YOUR GUEST PASS TO WATCH CLASS 1, with Award Wining Music Supervisor Laura Webb

Learn all about Sync Licensing in Placing Songs in TV, Commercials, and Film from all sides: top music supervisors, producers, licensing companies, agencies, artists, and attorneys.

The Songwriting School is proud to announce that our first two Special Guests for class were just last week named Guild of Music Supervisors Award Winners! Lindsay Wolfington and Laura Webb were awarded Best Music Supervision in a Television Movie for their work on the Netflix hit To All the Boys I've Loved Before. 

LAURA WEBB kicks off class in this open conversation as she tackles topics like how to approach a music supervisor to how to present your materials, what mixes you'll need and what metadata you'll want to include. You'll get a sense of how a top music supervisor surveys the music landscape and might perceive your music and its uses in her films and tv shows.  


About the full 9-meeting class:

  • Class moves to its regular Monday nights, 7pm Pacific over Zoom on Monday, 5/3 for class 2 with Laura Webb's colleague and partner, Award Winning Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington
  • Other guests include Evilyn Garcia on 5/10, Music Director at top commercial/trailer company Wild Card Media, producers, artists, attorney, licensing companies, and more.
  • chance to submit to listings for Laura Webb, Lindsay Wolfington, and more, plus a Sunday (in June) writing camp on a live brief
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