GUEST PASS: MUSIC PRODUCTION for Songwriters, Level 1


Here is your GUEST PASS to view Grammy-Nominated Songwriter/Producer and BMI Song of the Year Award Winner Erik "Blu2th" Griggs in Class 1 of MUSIC PRODUCTION FOR SONGWRITERS, Level 1. 




  • In this first class, Erik Griggs starts in the general and moves to the specific as he explores the relationship between the emotion of the song and the sonics of the production. He gets us first in touch with what the song makes us feel and then gives us the perspective to imagine some of the production choices that help accomplish that feeling. 
  • At this same link you are able to enroll in the 8-meeting class if you choose to, either to take it here in person or to take it online
  • This class is NOT designed to teach you to use a recording tool, like Logic, GarageBand, Pro Tools, or Ableton Live. It is designed to help you understand what makes for compelling and moving productions and to give you the hands-on understanding of how to create them for yourself, using whatever tools you have at your disposal. The instructor will be using Logic (he made the track to "No Air" using stock plug-ins in the old Logic 9, as he explains in the video you'll watch!), but these concepts will apply if you only have GarageBand on your iPhone or Studio One on your PC or whatever you've got. They will also equip you if you never want to learn a technical tool but want to better communicate your vision to engineers and producers. 
Don't have a tool for creating/recording and want to learn one? 
  • We have both on-campus & online/on-demand instruction in Logic Pro X (a 6 meeting class, 18 hrs study) and GarageBand (a 100 minute video workshop or 3-hr in-person workshop). Links for each on the same page as the video. Even GarageBand is enough to put the concepts of class to great use. One goal of this class is to empower you and not let the technical stand in the way of your ability 
  • There will be an ONLINE section also that will involve a mix of on-demand access to all class videos and his screen videos (you'll see his desktop, every key command, every mouse move), AND small group video conferencing and the chance to get feedback on your work. 
  • We have a professional recording studio onsite, built out by the oldest son of Berry Gordy, the Father of Motown. Some classes will meet here. For those in LA (or visiting), reach out to schedule a recording project.
What is the format of the class?
  • Class has 8 meetings. 6 guaranteed on Monday nights. 2 labs that the class will decide as a group, most likely also Mondays. Most classes will meet in the classroom, set up like a home studio environment. Some classes, when appropriate will meet in the professional recording studio at The Songwriting School. This is to gain confidence in any setting, home or pro.
  • The group will select an original song by a class member before class 3 and the class will create a production of that song with Blu2th leading the way. You'll learn everything from microphone techniques to how to run a vocal session (yours or someone's), compression, EQ, reverbs, delays, filters, and other means of impacting the sonics. You'll build these skills and this understanding in the context of building the group production. AND you'll be building a production of your own, on your own. 
  • There will be opportunities for feedback on your choices, approach, and execution most weeks  while the group also moves the group production toward final mix. 
  • By the end of the class you will not only have seen the group project come to fruition, you will have (if you do the work) built productions of your own and envisioned even more productions for the next songs you will produce. 
  • Previous students have often had a productive time writing during the class because of the emotional clarity that comes from this work. We cannot guarantee you will, but if you do the work, you will have fruits to show for your labor. 
Do I have to have a recording software to take the class?
  • Absolutely not. If that is not your aim, you'll gain confidence and understanding as an artist to be able to communicate your ideas. However, IF you hope to gain some autonomy, pick the simplest tool (GarageBand!) and start putting the concepts to use. You will not regret this experience, and you can still turn to someone more experienced when it's time to make your record. Your knowledge equips you to participate as an equal in the room. 
If I don't have a recording software, but I want to learn one, what should I do?
  • There are so many great ones, but we are a Mac ecosystem and will encourage you to either just do the simple GarageBand workshop, as you can be up and running on that in an afternoon, or take our 6-meeting Logic class, online or in-person. PC owners? Ask for suggestions.
Any other notes?
  • Work as a group in class, take the concepts and steps that week home to your production, keep moving your production forward. 
  • Opportunities for feedback on song>production relationship and choices you are making.
  • Some lab time to record.
  • full class videos each week 
  • full SCREEN VIDEOS from Blu2th's desktop so you can recall how he did what he did when it comes to the nitty gritty of the track
Still reading? Go pick out your favorite song and do the homework at the end of class 1! Cheers to you all, and continued joy and success to you in your music.