Welcome! A great way to find out what classes, settings, and instructors will best serve you in the creative community of The Songwriting School is to enjoy a GUEST PASS to open events and certain first class meetings of courses. While not every course allows you to audit, many do! 

To be considered for a GUEST PASS to a class you are interested in, GO HERE and let us know the course or courses you're interested in--or call 818-848-7664.

Here is a list of open events or classes you can attend, either over zoom or as in-person as noted:

• THU 1/26, 7:30pm PT: All About Writing for Musical Theater, with the great Bob Garrett. (Sign up to attend live or be sent the archive)

• WED 2/1, 7PM PT: Conquer Your Stage-Fright Permanently: Free Your Voice As An ArtistSign up at the link to attend live or to be sent access to the archive.

• THU 2/2, 8pm PT In-Person and Streaming: Make Songs Stronger--A Workshop with Platinum Lyricist Mark Winkler & Grammy-Winning Songwriter Nikhil Korula
In this inclusive, supportive community, we hope you'll find collaborators and colleagues, mentors and friends. Be our Guest and welcome!